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IMILLING To Sell CAD/CAM Equipment and Supplies

Chantilly, VA, January 1, 2016

IMILLING, a leading production-milling center is now a leading provider of affordably priced, quality, open CAD/CAM solutions. IMILLING, the company well known for creating highly precise, affordable complex implant prosthetics, is offering a comprehensive line of industrial digital mills along with exclusive CAM milling software strategies, advanced digital scanners, software, materials, tools and implant components.

IMILLING’s aim is to be a one-stop CAD/CAM lab resource. Already an affordable outsourcing partner for titanium, zirconia or PMMA implant prosthetics, IMILLING is now a reliable vendor dedicated to helping labs transition to a digital workflow environment.

The company’s current product roster includes DOF’s two affordable premium scanners: the FREEDOM™ HD with expanded scanning stage and Stable Scan Stage technology, and the unique L-shaped open-platform SWING™ scanner for fast scanning of articulators.

For both small and large labs, there’s an extensive line of digital milling choices: DOF’s 5-axis SHARP™ mill is an economically priced, premium 5-axis mill in a compact desktop package; the imes-icore CORiTEC 350i is the latest entry-level 5-axis wet and dry desktop mill for processing titanium custom abutments. For larger labs, IMILLING offers: the Dyamach DT2, an affordable titanium powerhouse, and the Datron D5, specifically designed to meet the highest demands for precision and ideally suited for milling large-span titanium and chrome cobalt implant parts.

IMILLING is consistently committed to providing complete customer support. The IMILLING team can help install and integrate a scanner, software and mill, train the technical team, and help optimize workflow processes.

Felix Chung, President of IMILLING, explains the company’s expansion: “Many labs started to reevaluate their in-house needs in light of reduced costs associated with CAD/CAD equipment ownership.  As a milling center, IMILLING has extensive experience testing and using the digital equipment, materials and supplies we are offering our customers. This puts us in a unique position to advise and help labs develop the digital capabilities specific to their needs. Our goal, as always, whether as an outsource partner or resource for in-house equipment, is to help customers deliver the highest quality and most cost-effective implant prosthetics to their customers.”

To learn more about IMILLING and the equipment offered, visit imilling.com or call 1-571-313-1269.


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