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3D Print Model - Quadrant

$ 20.00
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3D Printed Model Quadrants

3D Printed Model - Quadrant

Using industry-leading technology developed by 3D Systems, at Imagine we utilize the NextDent 5100 CDLP 3D printing system to efficiently produce 3D printed dental models. The NextDent 5100 uses only the highest quality FDA certified resins and employs a proprietary process to allow a very fast printing process without sacrificing quality. 

3D Printed Model Options We Offer

Imagine can provide 3D printed full arch models, quadrants and dies in a variety of colors. Contact us today to explore the options.

Why Dental Labs Choose Imagine for Dental 3D Printed Quadrants

When looking for 3D printed dental model quadrants from an outside production center, our dental lab clients want to ensure they are receiving the products and services at the highest possible value at the lowest possible cost. We at Imagine deliver exactly that to the clients we serve.



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