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exoCAD® Plovdiv 2.4

exoCAD® Plovdiv 2.4
exoCAD® Plovdiv 2.4
exoCAD® Plovdiv 2.4
exoCAD® Plovdiv 2.4
exoCAD® Plovdiv 2.4
exoCAD® Plovdiv 2.4
exoCAD® Plovdiv 2.4
exoCAD® Plovdiv 2.4

The Complete Software Solution for Digital Dentistry

Imagine has customized the exocad platform with its exclusive CAD design software strategies, offering customers easy to use options for their CAD designing specifications. Imagine will also provide each and every customer with complete support. Whether you have a question about how to set up a case on exocad or need help with a complex case. Our support team will be there every step of the way to assist you. On and off-site training can be arranged based on your preference.

Additional features of the 2.4 Plovdiv release:

  • FullDenture module:
    • Design of single arch dentures including free-forming, adaptation to occlusion, dynamic virtual articulation, and 3D printed denture workflows with bridge connectors
    • Vastly expanded denture tooth libraries, including libraries suitable for 3D printing and milling (incl. the ability to arbitrarily scale teeth)
  • Thimble crown design: advanced workflow for creating implant borne thimble bridges without rescanning the substructure
  • Design on scanned substructures: workflow to design on “substructure scan” officially released with many improvements, primarily for designing virtual gingiva or offset substructures on scanned bars
  • PartialCAD module: improved DentalCAD workflow integration, new BETA-feature allows for overdenture design while using milled or printed teeth
  • Immediate load: workflows for design on exoplan’s implant planning output data officially released
  • Jaw Motion Import module: achieve most accurate digital facebow transfer from the advanced import option for Zebris data
  • Model Creator module:
    • Dynamically adjust the gap between the analog and printed model during the design
    • Predefined base shapes for plateless models
    • New digital waxup workflow (BETA)
    • Extended libraries for attachments and stabilizers
  • Tooth shapes: new libraries (e-xofan, Psarris), updated existing tooth designs
  • Virtual Articulator module: new articulator (FAG Quickmaster)
  • Prosthetic component libraries: vastly extended selection, now with over 52000 components, support for more than 2630 systems

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