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Roland DWX-52DCi

Roland DWX-52DCi
Roland DWX-52DCi
Roland DWX-52DCi
Roland DWX-52DCi
Roland DWX-52DCi
Roland DWX-52DCi
Roland DWX-52DCi
Roland DWX-52DCi
Roland DWX-52DCi
Roland DWX-52DCi
Roland DWX-52DCi

Load it up and walk away - the DWX-52DCi’s appetite for milling is hard to satisfy.

The only way to make a mill like the DWX-52D better is to give it the ability to feed itself work - and that’s just what the engineers at Roland DGA have done. Equipped with a 6 position automatic blank/puck changer, the DWX-52DCi is cable of operating for over 24 hours completely un-attended. Simply nest your jobs in CAM, line them up within the V-Panel software, and hit ‘go’. The DWX-52DCi will place whatever puck is needed into the milling position, complete the job, and move on to the next one until all cases in queue are complete. The machine will even retire an expired cutting tool and use a new one in its place if available. If high-volume dry milling capability is what your lab needs, the DWX-52DCi is an easy solution.


  • True 5 axis milling (3+2 axis or simultaneous 5 axis)
  • 6 position Automatic Disc Changer w/ integrated barcode verification scanner
  • Quiet, reliable, user-replaceable 30,000 RPM spindle with 4mm collet
  • Integrated ionized air system prevents particle buildup when milling PMMA
  • 15 position automatic tool changer with built-in tool length/breakage sensor
  • Compatible materials: zirconia, wax, PMMA, composite resin, PEEK, gypsum, glass fiber reinforced resin.
  • V-Panel control for easy operation, maintenance and service
  • Powerful DWIndex software for mill production analytics & reporting


  • External Dimensions: 34.6” wide x 26.0” deep x 23.6” high
  • Weight: 231.5lbs
  • Operating Voltage: 110V
  • Power Consumption: 200W
  • Pressurized Air Requirement: 10-30PSI

Included Items:

Power cord, power plug adapter, USB cable, manuals, Roland DG software package CD, detection pin, automatic correction jig, pin-type material adapter, hexagonal driver, spanner, milling bur holders, milling bur positioner, dust collection hoses, dust collection hose adapter, regulator, cleaning tool, option adapter labels, material adapters, material adapter rack.

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