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Full Arch

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Ultra High Translucency - 800MPa: This highly aesthetic multi-layer zirconia is a great choice when translucency and beauty are the priority. Suitable for single unit crowns up to three unit bridges & anterior bridges.

Zr HT+

High Translucency Plus - 1000MPa: Our HT+ zirconia is a great all-around choice, with a good balance of strength, toughness and translucency, HT+ can be used in any indication from single unit crowns to full arch roundhouse style bridges.


High Translucency - 1250 MPa: Optimized for toughness and strength, HT zirconia’s durability and moderate opacity make it suitable for any indication, but ideal for posterior cases where aesthetics are less of a priority.


High Strength - 1400 MPa: Suitable for indications where durability is paramount and aesthetics aren’t a consideration. Ideal for substructures, copings and obscuring dark preps or Ti abutment bodies, Imagine’s HS zirconia gives you all the strength and toughness when you need it the most.

Dental Milling Center for Dental Full Arch

Dental Full Arch Milling

Our Imagine dental milling center designers can create full arch dental implants that serve as a more esthetically pleasing and durable option than removable dentures. Additional benefits include improved chewing function and a considerable improvement in speech. 

Full Arch Product Options

Occlusal stents and surgical guides, dentures and partial denture frames,  conventional zirconia bridges, hybrid dentures, PMMA temporaries & hybrids.

Why Outsource to Imagine for your Full Arch Dental Milling

Our dental milling center provides our dental laboratory clients with the highest level of precision in our products. The benefits of dental labs outsourcing to dental milling center such as Imagine are significant. We will save you time, labor and materials, which ultimately means financial savings - and we broaden the scope of capabilities you can offer to your clients, making your lab a more valuable partner to the clinicians you work with. 

Experts in Full Arch Milling

Our designers are experts at what they do. From the scanning and designing, to milling and manufacturing, our professional staff will produce a full arch product that will exceed the standards of dental labs and doctors alike. 

Get Started with our Milling Center Today

Work with Imagine for your lab’s full arch dental milling and start enjoying the benfits of our years of experience in this process. If you are a dental lab looking for a sophisticated dental milling center, contact us now. 



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