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Custom Abutment

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Attn! Cases that require implant parts that are not offered in the MIST IC product line must be provided by the customer. Uncertain of correct parts to provide and order? Contact us to confirm.

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Ultra High Translucency - 800MPa: This highly aesthetic multi-layer zirconia is a great choice when translucency and beauty are the priority. Suitable for single unit crowns up to three unit bridges & anterior bridges.

Zr HT+

High Translucency Plus - 1000MPa: Our HT+ zirconia is a great all-around choice, with a good balance of strength, toughness and translucency, HT+ can be used in any indication from single unit crowns to full arch roundhouse style bridges.


High Translucency - 1250 MPa: Optimized for toughness and strength, HT zirconia’s durability and moderate opacity make it suitable for any indication, but ideal for posterior cases where aesthetics are less of a priority.


High Strength - 1400 MPa: Suitable for indications where durability is paramount and aesthetics aren’t a consideration. Ideal for substructures, copings and obscuring dark preps or Ti abutment bodies, Imagine’s HS zirconia gives you all the strength and toughness when you need it the most.

Dental Milling Center for Custom Abutments

Custom Abutments Dental Milling Center

As implant dentistry continues to expand, Imagine is leading the way - particularly when it comes to custom abutments. We pride ourselves in going above and beyond the stock abutments of the past to provide superior results by producing custom abutments using the latest CAD/CAM software combined with our in-house engineered manufacturing processes and techniques.

Custom Abutments Options & Materials

Imagine’s own line of MIST Implant Components is compatible with 24 different implant platforms. The unique gold nitride coating on MIST S-Link and L-Link titanium bases and screws make these a great choice for any indication, particularly restorations in esthetic zones. 

We Specialize in CAD/CAM Milling & Design

When it comes to milling & design, our team at Imagine has extensive knowledge and experience. We pride ourselves on being able to offer both design and milling services to our clients, which allows us to provide and all around better and more cost-effective experience to those we work with.

How We Can Help Your Dental Lab 

We realize that when looking for custom abutments, dental labs want to work with a dental milling center with high-end technology and services that sets the custom abutment apart from the rest. We work with our dental lab clients to make custom abutments just that- custom. Custom in a way that optimizes the fit, longevity, recovery and healing of the abutments - resulting in a better experience and increased satisfaction on the part of the patient and the clinician.

How to Get Started

We are proud to provide excellent custom abutment milling services here at Imagine. Please contact us today to get started.



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