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4 Common Dental Lab Problems We Love to Solve

At Imagine, our role as a digital dental solutions company is to provide highly tailored and effective dental CAD/CAM processes to the dental labs we work with. While there are many ways we assist dental laboratories in solving their dental milling and design issues, we’ve noticed a few ‘usual suspects’ that labs often come to us for help with:

Impression Scanning

Most 3D scanners have a hard time scanning dental impressions. It can be a time-consuming process that yields incomplete data and frustrates the user. However, impression scanning bypasses the messy, manual, and dimensionally inaccurate process of casting a physical model out of plaster/dental stone. The DOF Freedom HD scanner that Imagine utilizes at our dental milling center excels at impression scanning thanks to its patented Stable Scan Stage and advanced ScanApp software.

In-House Dental Implant Production

A lot of dental labs mill light duty materials such as zirconia, wax, and PMMA - and outsource most, or all, of their titanium and CrCo work. This outsourcing cost can easily add significant time to their production process and can eat away at their profit margins in a highly competitive marketplace. Imagine is known for being an expert in the area of in-house titanium implant supported restorations. Between the MIST IC product line and our highly optimized iMES iCORE metal milling solutions we can equip any dental laboratory or milling center with robust capability for custom abutments, implant bars, frameworks, pre-milled abutments and Ti-base indicated crowns, bridges and full arches.

Advanced CAD Software & Techniques

There are many dental computer aided design software systems out there, but they are not all created equal. Often times a CAD software will be great at designing some dental restorations but will be tedious or painfully slow others. A dental laboratory’s CAD technicians may be spending far too much time designing full arch or long span bridge cases simply because the software they’re using isn’t optimized for that type of work. At Imagine’s dental implant milling and design center we use exoCAD DentalCAD in our own lab every single day to design complex full arch, implant supported cases, elaborate frameworks, screw-retained hybrid crowns, provisionals, nightguards and so much more. ExoCAD is a no-compromise dental design platform that empowers labs with tremendous flexibility without sacrificing ease of use OR capability.

Responsive Support that's Available When You Need It

You as a dental lab can buy individual CAD/CAM products from a number of dental milling & design centers, but at the end of the day, you don’t need a product - you need a solution. At some point there will come a time with any CAD/CAM product where it’s only as good as the support you get from the company you bought it from. That’s why at Imagine we have a dedicated team of CAD/CAM solution experts who have used the very solutions we offer to labs in our own production before graduating to the support team. These dental design and milling specialists have been in your shoes and know how to solve the problem. What’s even better is that every Imagine purchase comes with unlimited no-charge phone and TeamViewer support. You’ll never get an invoice because you need our help.

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