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Complimentary CAD/CAM Process Evaluation

What to Expect

The digital dental landscape is constantly changing and evolving, with new - advanced technology routinely eclipsing older methods. Imagine is excited to offer complimentary CAD/CAM Process Evaluations to help your business recognize areas where your digital workflow can be improved. Here is what you can expect:

1: Initial Call

Our consultative method is aimed at understanding your business and your manufacturing process. We will first take some time for you to share how your business operates.

The call will last approximately 45 minutes to an hour. We will be evaluating how your company utilizes CAD/CAM technology both from a design standpoint as well as a manufacturing standpoint.

2: Summary of Findings

Once the process evaluation is complete, you will receive a summary of our findings and recommendations. No matter where your company currently stands, we are committed to ensuring CAD/CAM is successfully integrated into your practice.

How We Can Help

Even the best and most progressive labs can sometimes fail to recognize potential areas of improvement in their own process. Often times a new perspective can reveal untapped potential in your current people or process. If your company is looking for a CAD/CAM process evaluation with our dental milling center, please complete our form today.

Explore Your Options

Imagine offers a full line of CAD/CAM products to enhance your company’s digital design and manufacturing technology. We can provide you with the exact software product solutions to meet your needs and the patient’s expectations.

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