Imagine COVID-19 Response Initiative We’re re-tooling to respond to the global crisis.


Over the last 9 years, Imagine USA has built a reputation within the dental industry as striving for greatness in innovation, precision, and strategic partnerships.

As a recognized expert in the field of medical-grade scanners, 3D printers, software, and medical devices, Imagine has answered the call to play role in resolving this pandemic. By leveraging extensive global networks, we have pivoted our business to create solid supply chains for COVID-19 test kits and protective suits.

We’re confident that with everyone doing what they can, we’ll all get through this together.

Imagine Team

About Imagine

As an FDA registered medical device manufacturer, Imagine USA routinely deals with precision manufacturing and distribution of medical devices, equipment and prosthetics as a member of the dental laboratory industry. Privately owned and in business since 2012, Imagine has offices in California, Virginia and New Hampshire.

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