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Dental Milling Center for 3D Models

A premier 3D model outsourcing partner that manufactures high-quality products for every part of the restoration process.

Imagine’s production center is composed of CAD/CAM operating experts and powerful machinery that provides limitless capabilities. Using some of the industry’s top 3D printers combined with your data, we’ll create a one-of-a-kind 3D model with infallible detail at an affordable price.

How to Submit a Case

We Specialize in Digital Design Production 

Our manufacturing team aims to continuously advance their knowledge on modern techniques and technology to keep our digital design production prevalent in an evolving industry. Imagine’s 3D printers work efficiently and intuitively, using biocompatible resins and cutting-edge software.

How We Can Help Your Dental Lab?

By choosing Imagine as a go-to stop for all CAD/CAM and prosthetic outsourcing needs, labs will maximize the benefits of a digital production center without the cost of ownership. Receive flawless, custom dental products and prosthetics at an approachable cost.

Contact our Dental Milling Center

Call Imagine today to begin designing and manufacturing a custom 3D model for your lab.


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