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Dental Milling Center for Cement-Type Zr Abutments

A reliable cement-type Zr abutment outsourcing solution that will stay with you every step of the way.

At Imagine, we’re committed to providing options and solutions based on the complex needs of clinicians and their patients. We concentrate in manufacturing durable and high-quality prosthetics that you can depend on.

How to Submit a Case

We Specialize in Digital Design Production

Our production center features cutting-edge, industry-leading CAD/CAM technologies, ensuring the most precise detail for every prosthetic we produce. Our expert team is adept in maximizing efficiency through digital design, allowing for an affordable and dependable option for every lab.

How We Can Help Your Dental Lab?

Each prosthetic manufactured by Imagine has been delicately optimized for the fit of the patient as well as their healing and recovery. Our cement-type Zr abutments have been designed with care for your patient and longevity in mind.

Contact our Dental Milling Center

Get in touch with us today to begin designing durable, custom cement-type Zr abutments.


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