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Dental Milling Center for Custom Abutments

A single custom abutment outsourcing solution for every part of the restoration process—from digital design to manufacturing.

As implant dentistry continues to expand, Imagine is leading the way and setting a precedent for producing high-quality custom abutments. By staying continually versed in evolving technology, we produce superior custom abutments with the latest CAD/CAM software paired with our meticulous techniques and engineering.

How to Submit a Case

We Specialize in CAD/CAM Milling & Design

Imagine’s team of qualified experts has been acquainted with CAD/CAM milling and design for over 8 years. By being able to offer both design and milling services to our clients, we are able to provide the most cost-effective avenue and gratifying experience to our valued customers.

How We Can Help Your Dental Lab

Custom-made is our specialty. Imagine’s milling center utilizes industry-leading technology and skill sets to ensure each custom abutment is optimized for fit, longevity, recovery and healing of the abutments for a mutually satisfactory experience for both the patient and the clinician.

How to Get Started

We’re proud to provide excellence as your custom abutment milling service partner. Please contact Imagine today to get started.


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