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Dental Milling Center for Dental Implant Bars

Dental Implant Bar Outsourcing Services

From digital design to manufacturing, we are a comprehensive outsourcing solution with extensive experience producing dental implant bars.

For the past 8 years, Imagine has been mastering the technique of designing and milling titanium bars for hybrid dentures. We understand the uniqueness of each case, which is why we concentrate on absolute precision and detail for the patient’s needs and offer a wide variety of attachment options that will meet the requirements of most clinical circumstances.

How to Submit a Case

We Specialize in Digital Design Production

Our dynamic milling equipment powered by CAD/CAM technology unite for a highly efficient, cutting-edge production of implant bars at an affordable rate. Imagine’s center exclusively uses our own iMill grade 5 titanium in our titanium bar production, providing outstanding versatility, weight, and strength with an exceptional fit and long-term stability.

How We Can Help Your Dental Lab?

Our skilled team matched with the industry’s leading machinery and technology is prepared to accommodate any custom dental implant design, as well as offer help or direction through the restoration process.

Contact our Dental Milling Center

Contact Imagine today to begin production of high-quality implant bars backed by CAD/CAM technology.


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