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Dental Milling Center for Full Arch Dental Implants

A comprehensive, go-to solution for manufacturing custom full arch dental implants.

Imagine’s dental milling center designers can create full arch dental implants that serve as a more aesthetically pleasing and durable option than removable dentures. In addition, patients will experience improved chewing function and a considerable improvement in speech, resulting in greater confidence for both the patient and the clinician.

How to Submit a Case

We Specialize in Digital Design Production

Featuring leading technology esteemed by the digital dentistry industry, our team works closely with customers to ensure exact fit and optimal function is obtained through powerful milling equipment and 3D printing. Our extensive digital design capabilities allow us to accommodate any custom full arch dental implant with close precision while maintaining an affordable price point.

How We Can Help Your Dental Lab?

Our service reaches beyond expectations. We are available for every step of the restoration process; from CAD/CAM scanning and files to production of elaborate full arch dental implants, Imagine is here to meet every need of every customer.

Contact our Dental Milling Center

Call Imagine today to begin manufacturing a premium-quality full arch dental implant.


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