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Fixed Restorations


IMILL ZR®- Full Contour Zirconia

IMILL Zr® full contour zirconia restorations are milled from our very own IMILL Zr® blocks - the most esthetic full contour zirconia available. Our zirconia exhibits improved translucency and color hues similar to natural dentition, making it a restorative option for both anterior and posterior restorations.

Our IMILL Zr zirconia achieves complete color penetration throughout the restoration, ensuring far greater shade consistency. This also prevents whitening after occlusal adjustments. Once the restoration has been sintered, IMILLING will return it to your lab, ready for staining and glazing.

To get started, send us your models or your digital design files. We accept files from the following scanners: Imetric, DOF FreedomTM HD and Swing™, Zirkonzahn ®,and 3Shape. If your scanner is not listed, please contact us regarding file compatibility.

Prettau-Style Full Contour Bridge

IMILLING’s Prettau-Style full contour bridges are designed and milled using CAD/CAM technology. They are milled from zirconia discs with exceptional translucency and superior strength ensuring a highly esthetic, virtually chip proof bridge. 


Titanium Crowns, Bridges and Copings

Titanium is widely used for crowns, bridges, frameworks, implants, custom abutments, and bars. Known as the modern metal due to its light weight, low cost and biocompatibility, IMILLING only uses medical Grade 5 titanium (6% aluminum and 4% vanadium).

Chrome Cobalt

Chrome Cobalt Copings

Chrome Cobalt is suitable for single-unit to full mouth restorations. Considered a base metal, milled chrome cobalt provides a much higher quality and more consistent restorative compared to traditional cast copings. The product is a raw and pure form of metal – free of impurities that may form during traditional casting processes. Milling CrCo on state-of-the-art precision milling machines can also save a tremendous amount of time, especially when dealing with long span bridges for full mouth restorations.  Laborious soldering and manual adjustments are virtually eliminated, which is especially important for time sensitive cases. 

Wax / PMMA

Single Unit - Full Contour Wax Pattern

Wax is used for casting crowns, copings and/or bridge restorations as well as pressing all-ceramics. It provides a great introduction into precision milled products as traditional methods of adjusting can be still applied.

IMILLING provides labs with precision milled, high quality digital wax units utilizing their very own IMILL wax® discs. Your lab can then complete the restoration to your client’s specifications.

PMMAs: most suitable for temporaries



eMax® CAD is a lithium disilicate (glass ceramic) material used in CAD/CAM applications. This material is now widely known to be one of the most esthetic restorative materials available today. IMILLING supplies a wide range of translucency levels and shades for laboratories and clinicians.

Different from eMax Press, the CAD material must be crystallized at approximately 850° Celsius for 20-30 minutes. This process increases the restorative’s final strength to 360 MPa while providing the desired shade and translucency.


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