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Implant Prosthetics


Specializing in titanium, CrCo, and zirconia restorative prosthetics, IMILLING provides case specific implant solutions for more than 30 implant systems.

Implant Abutments:

Titanium Abutments 

Made of medical grade 5 Ti, this is the perfect restoration over implants replacing gold or older techniques that use UCLA parts. They are milled using FDA-approved pre-milled interface blanks and are available in anodized, sandblasted or polished formats.

Zirconia Abutments 

Used primarily in the aesthetic region, this type of abutment is becoming extremely popular due to the combination of esthetics and strength. IMILLING’s Zr abutments are shaded to specific customer’s preferences and cemented to a titanium interface which prevents breakage when connecting to the implant.

Screw Retained:

CrCo Screw Retained

A combination of implant abutment and crown, IMILLING can use traditional PFM methods to apply porcelain to this CrCo, non-precious alloy base. It is also available in titanium.

Zirconia Screw Retained 

This is quickly becoming the restoration of choice for implant prosthetics. It is a full or partial zirconia crown that cements onto a titanium interface. This restoration is most often the easiest to seat since the clinician only needs to screw the prosthetic into the implant. Eliminating the cement means there is no messy cleanup.  Also available in PMMA.


Capable of milling its own scan bodies using its touch probe scanners, IMILLING’s titanium implant superstructures can be fabricated for every implant system. For rare implant systems, please provide a screw to verify the correct implant seating.

Precision Milled Bars:

Titanium Hybrid Bars

Using only industrial 5-axis dental mills, IMILLING fabricates patient-specific medical grade 5 Ti bars which are used as a frame for screw-retained dentures. IMILLING can mill most bar profiles using exocad software. Rigid enough to resist rotation/movement when seated, this bar is the restoration of choice for All-On-4® cases. These bars may also be anodized, for improved esthetics.

Titanium Overdenture Bars 

Also made of Grade 5 Ti, the overdenture bar is used to “snap” dentures into this frame. Traditionally, locators or clips are placed into the bar to fix the denture in place. IMILLING will tap and thread the locators free of charge. Please provide IMILLING with a denture teeth set-up or a wax-up. 

Screw Retained Bridges:

Chrome Cobalt Screw Retained Bridge

This bridge is used as a framework for Copymill applications. For this type of restoration, CrCo is the metal of choice, because it exhibits exceptional bonding properties to porcelain.
Please provide IMILLING with a denture teeth set-up or a wax-up. Also available in titanium.

Zirconia “Prettau Style” Screw Retained Bridge 

The Copymill Bridge, IMILLING’s most esthetic superstructure, is becoming a popular esthetic choice because it requires minimal lab work and saves time. Milled from a solid monolithic zirconia, it provides the exceptional strength without the need for bar support.  The screw-mounted interfaces also make it easily retrievable for maintenance. IMILLING will mill this in either full contour or “cutback” zirconia and will provide non-locking titanium cementable bases for the implant connections. Extra charges apply to handle rare or non-conventional implant systems. Please provide IMILLING with a denture teeth set-up or a wax-up. Also available in PMMA.

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