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Introducing Imagine Academy

Introducing the Academy

Imagine Milling Technologies is proud to announce the inauguration of Imagine Academy, an educational center located at the company's Fullerton California headquarters.

Imagine Academy is dedicated to providing the dental industry with a full curriculum of CE-accredited educational content designed to empower laboratory technicians and clinicians alike with a wealth of knowledge, techniques and resources that bring real value, and improve patient care. With course topics that span the entire dental prosthetic planning, design, manufacturing and finishing process, Imagine Academy offers a scope and breadth of expertise that is unmatched in the industry.

With focused digital dental topics such as beginner and advanced exoCAD design classes, to additive manufacturing techniques and best practices using the NextDent 5100 3D printer, to advanced nesting and CAM template generation with hyperDENT, our team of dental prosthetic experts have the experience and know-how to train you and your team to get the most out of your investment in each step of the digital dental process.

The Academy will also offer workshops designed to provide capability in front-to-back manufacturing processes for appliances such as digital dentures, surgical drill and bone reduction guides, and full-arch implant supported restorations.

“This industry is expanding into digital manufacturing at a pace that we’ve never seen before.” says Imagine CEO Felix Chung, "Our vision for Imagine Academy is to provide a comfortable place where everyone from dental lab veterans to newcomers can come to improve their ability to perform in the modern, digital dental industry.”

Upcoming Courses

Introduction to Digitizing Implantology

Date: January 18-19

Introduction to Digitizing Implantology

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