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MIST Implant Components Reference Sheets


Let’s face it: there can be a lot to know when it comes to implant components.

  • Which type of component do I use for each restoration type?
  • How do I integrate implant components into my CAD software?
  • Isn't there one system that works with all major implant platforms?

With 24 different implant systems supported in both 3Shape and exoCAD, and a full assortment of components for each system, MIST Implant Components are the universal go-to solution for any case that might cross your bench.

Each supported system has a full array of scan bodies, short Ti bases for angled screw channels, adjustable Ti bases in engaging and non-engaging configurations, narrow & wide abutment blanks, clinical & lab screws for straight and angulated screw channels, and even implant analogs that fit both stone and printed models.

MIST Implant Components are also the easy economical choice, competitively priced with volume discounts available.

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What are the unique features of MIST Implant Components?

MIST S-Link™ Ti Bases

MIST S-Link Ti Bases

Angled Screw Channel up to 20°
Compatible with MIST IC Angled Drivers for 3 different screw head connections: Universal, 1.2 Hex, and 1.25 Hex.

4.0mm Height with 2.0mm Cutout

Flexibility of designs for hybrid custom abutments and designs with the incorporation of angled screw channels.

*Scan Body Orientation
Point long flat side of Scan Body towards desired direction of cut-out.

MIST L-Link™ Ti Bases

MIST L-Link Ti Bases

Adjustable Height from 5.5mm to 4.0mm
Visible line to cut ti-base to a 4.0mm height with available library for the 4.0mm height.

Available in Engaging and Non-Engaging Ti-Bases

MIST Prefit™ Abutment Blanks

MIST Prefit Abutment Blanks

Custom Abutment Designs

Available in 10mm and 14mm

What implant component type should I use?

Indication S-Link L-Link L-Link Bridge Prefit
Screw Retained Crown
Screw Retained Crown w/ Angulated Screw Channel
Full Arch Implant Bridge
Full Arch Implant Bridge w/ Angulated Screw Channel
Ti Custom Abutment
Zr Hybrid Abutment

Recommended Requires Modification Not Recommended


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