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Our Company

Digital dentistry is evolving rapidly, dramatically impacting the industry.
Here at Imagine, we understand that today’s dental labs are facing significant challenges, the most daunting of which is remaining profitable in an environment of downward pricing pressures while managing the costs and learning curve associated with CAD/CAM equipment ownership.
We’re here to help.
Our mission… help our clients more easily navigate dentistry’s digital transition so they can deliver the highest quality, most precise, consistent, and cost-effective implant prosthetics to their customers while maximizing the lab’s profitability.

Chief Executive Officer

Felix Chung is the CEO of Imagine, a complete digital solutions provider and milling production center specializing in complex custom titanium implant prosthetics. With an Aerospace Engineering degree from Georgia Tech, Felix became involved in digital dental technology in 2010 when he founded the company. His goals and intent remain the same today as then… revolutionize implant prosthetic development and production by delivering the highest quality and most affordable implant prosthetics as well as offering premium, affordably priced, in-house implant prosthetic milling solutions.

Felix is continuously working with leading dental companies to advance the development of new and even more sophisticated in-house milling solutions.


Chief Technology Officer

Josh has been in the digital dental industry for over 7+ years. As the Chief Technology Officer at Imagine he oversees all service, support, engineering and development. Previously Operations Director at DOF USA and Vice President at IMILLING, Josh works to transform the support and service provided in today's digital dental industry.


VP of Procurement & Purchasing

Susan Jung, Vice President of Procurement & Purchasing is also a CDT and has over 8 years experience in the dental laboratory industry. Susan coordinates all efforts with vendors and industry partners. Susan graduated with an Associate degree in Dental Technology from J Sargent Reynolds College and a Bachelor of Science degree in Communications from Marymount University. Susan joined Imagine in 2016.


Chief Business Development Officer

Previously as VP of Sales at DOF USA has joined the Imagine team as the Chief of Business Development. With his extensive knowledge in zirconia dental materials, he is responsible for future prospects and retaining consumers for continued/enhanced revenue generation, profitability, and overall performance. Previously President of Digital Healthcare Computers and Vice President for Sagemax Bioceramics, he has been affluent in this industry since 2013.


Vice President of Sales & Marketing

With over 10 years of technical sales experience in industrial manufacturing, Neal brings a wide spectrum of knowledge to the Imagine team. As an Account Manager at DATRON Dynamics for over 7 years, Neal coordinated the installation of dozens of high-speed precision milling solutions involving everything from semiconductor manufacture and satellite communications systems, to firearms serialization, radar systems, and dental prosthetics. Neal attended Fitchburg State College’s Industrial Technology program.


Technical Support Manager

Andy Hyunh is Technical Sales Manager for Imagine. A graduate of Virginia Tech University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology, he has over 5 years experience in the dental industry in both laboratory and clinical sectors. His main responsibilities consist of oversight of production workflow, client relations management, and structure in the CAM department.


Head of Research and Development 

Daniel Lee, a graduate of the University of Virginia with a Mechanical Engineering degree is our lead engineer at Imagine. He is actively involved in support/research and development of CAD/CAM systems. His responsibilities include providing guidance and technical support to Imagine customers who have purchased equipment and software. He also directs the milling center’s production workflow and is responsible for acquisition of any new product lines, especially those focused on implant prosthetics.


Account Manager-Western US

Jonathan Kim joined our team in 2017 as a technical support specialist and now a part of the sales team. He obtained his Bachelors of Science degree in Biology from Virginia Commonwealth University. Jonathan has a clinical background in implant prosthetics and has experience working with local prosthodontists. With his training and implementation of CAD/CAM systems, he now oversees all sales efforts in the Western US territories. 



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