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Introducing a new era in lab efficiency.

Imagine is now the premium Roland distributor.

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Experience Roland’s next-generation technology supercharged by hyperDENT. All backed by Imagine’s industry-leading expertise.

Roland DWX 42W

Built to provide the type of wet milling that most labs and clinics are after but have a hard time finding the DWX 42W is a dedicated wet mill that is affordable yet highly efficient when it comes to producing crowns and short span bridges in glass ceramics, composite resins, and PMMA.

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Roland DWX 52D

Easy to use, inexpensive to own, accurate, capable & dependable—52D is the perfect entry point into 5 axis dental milling. With the ability to mill zirconia, wax, PMMA and even some composites accurately and efficiently, the DWX-52D makes a potent addition to any dental lab and is the best no-risk first mill available.

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Roland DWX 52DCi

The only way to make a mill like the DWX-52D better is to give it the ability to feed itself work—and that’s just what the engineers at Roland DGA have done. Equipped with a 6 position automatic blank/puck changer, the DWX-52DCi is cable of operating for over 24 hours completely un-attended.

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It pays to recycle.

Trade in your old mill and get $4,000 off any new Roland DWX. Or trade in your CAM software at the same time and get $8,000 off any Roland/hyperDENT combo.*

It's time for an upgrade.

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* Offer expires 12/1/2019


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