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Key Team Members


Felix Chung, President

Felix Chung is the President of IMILLING, a milling production center specializing in complex custom titanium implant prosthetics. With an Aerospace Engineering degree from Georgia Tech, Felix became involved in digital dental technology in 2010 when he founded the company. His goals and intent remain the same today as then… revolutionize implant prosthetic development and production by delivering the highest quality and most affordable implant prosthetics as well as offering premium, affordably priced, in-house implant prosthetic milling solutions.

As President of IMILLING, Felix is responsible for managing the production facility as well as working with leading dental manufacturers to advance development of new and even more sophisticated in-house milling solutions.



Daniel Choi, Support/R&D

Daniel is lead engineer for IMILLING. A graduate of the University of Virginia with a Mechanical Engineering degree, Daniel has been keenly involved in the growth of IMILLING. His primary responsibilities include providing guidance and technical support to IMILLING customers who have purchased equipment and software. He also directs the milling center’s production workflow and is responsible for acquisition of any new product lines, especially those focused on implant prosthetics.




Morgan Welch, Account Manager

Morgan is a seasoned sales professional and account manager who comes to IMILLING with vast healthcare industry experience. Prior to joining IMILLING, Morgan worked for several innovative companies in which her contributions significantly influenced the companies’ growth and gains in market share. Morgan is resourceful, energetic and a key contributor to daily operations and is dedicated to the growth of the organization. Her positive attitude, exceptional work ethic and personal demeanor is infectious to everyone she encounters.



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