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CORiTEC 250i Touch

CORiTEC 250i Touch
CORiTEC 250i Touch
CORiTEC 250i Touch
CORiTEC 250i Touch
CORiTEC 250i Touch
The new CORiTEC 250i is a compact 5-axis Entry-level system for wet and dry processing

The 250i CORiTEC Touch dental milling machine is the most widely used CAD/CAM entry-level system. Thanks to the 5-axis technology, these dental machines can also produce complex dentures with diverging stumps without rework.
The CORiTEC 250i dental machine also features an option of wet processing. Wet processing takes place mostly in the processing of CAD/CAM blocks, and special plastic materials.

  • 5-axis machining system with up to 30° axis orientation
  • No extra rebuild between wet & dry processing necessary 
  • Tool runtime control/breakage control
  • Integrated cooling circuit for cooling lubricant 
  • HF spindle up to 60,000 rpm
  • High-resolution and high-performance micro-step controllers and motors on all axes
  • Air purge system and cooling nozzles for wet processing are integrated in the spindle holder
  • Extraction system to extract the resulting particulate matter
  • Automatic compressed air and coolant monitoring
  • For processing of zirconium dioxide, PMMA, wax, plastics, and grindable block materials
  • Control software Remote DENTAL 2.0
  • Incl. control PC with Windows 7/8

  • Tilt angle for machining with 98mm blank is A-axis +/-30°; B-axis +/-25° 
  • Wet processing integrated only in CORiTEC 250i
  • Microstep motors
  • Tool fitting 3mm shafts
  • 10-fold tool changer
  • Manual workpiece changer
  • Weight of 85 kg
  • Size of 537x625x612mm (width/depth/height)
  • 100V-240V; 50-60 Hz; 900W
  • Compressed air supply is 6-9 bar constant supply, 50 liters/min
  • Processes 98mm/98.5mm blanks; CAD/CAM blocks (3-fold adapters), Lava frames

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