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Ultra High Translucency - 800MPa: This highly aesthetic multi-layer zirconia is a great choice when translucency and beauty are the priority. Suitable for single unit crowns up to three unit bridges & anterior bridges.

Zr HT+

High Translucency Plus - 1000MPa: Our HT+ zirconia is a great all-around choice, with a good balance of strength, toughness and translucency, HT+ can be used in any indication from single unit crowns to full arch roundhouse style bridges.


High Translucency - 1250 MPa: Optimized for toughness and strength, HT zirconia’s durability and moderate opacity make it suitable for any indication, but ideal for posterior cases where aesthetics are less of a priority.


High Strength - 1400 MPa: Suitable for indications where durability is paramount and aesthetics aren’t a consideration. Ideal for substructures, copings and obscuring dark preps or Ti abutment bodies, Imagine’s HS zirconia gives you all the strength and toughness when you need it the most.

Dental Milling Center for Crown & Bridge

Crown & Bridge Milling Center

Our dental milling center is dedicated to working closely with our labs and customers to provide high-quality results that exceed your expectations. We use advanced digital imaging to craft crowns and bridges out of quality material that will be long lasting and durable. Throughout our over 8 years of CAD/CAM production, Imagine has successfully designed and fabricated thousands of unique bridges and crowns for the dental labs we partner with.

Types of Crowns & Bridges Offered

Full Contour, posterior and anterior, partial coverage porcelain, full arch and implant supported bridges, cement and screw retained restorations.

Our Process for Crown & Bridge Milling

Whether it is an STL file of your own design, or simply scan file from you or your customer, we can accommodate nearly any workflow. With many years of experience in the dental laboratory business, our technicians can offer guidance and assistance in any phase of design or fabrication.

Our expert team at Imagine has extensive knowledge on all things milling and design. We will work closely with you to meet your specific needs and requirements. From design, to digital dental production & material options, our dental milling center has set a bar high in this field.

How We Can Help Your Dental Lab 

Our goal is to offer specialized services when it comes to our customer’s needs for crown and bridge production. Our professional and experienced staff work with our clients from start to finish to ensure the design and milling work is exactly what is desired in terms of design, material and price.

Contact our Dental Milling Center

If you are a lab looking to work with a quality dental milling center for crowns and bridges, contact our team at Imagine today. With industry leading, 5 axis CNC milling equipment and high definition 3D scanners at our disposal, you can have confidence that Imagine restorations will have an excellent fit and marginal integrity.



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