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DOF Edge Scanner

DOF Edge Scanner
DOF Edge Scanner
DOF Edge Scanner

With its compact and unique design and powerful performance, Edge is a fast and reliable scanner.

It is a practical scanner that boasts excellent performance similar to that of a premium scanner, including sharp scan data with an area scan method of 1.3 million pixels, and an adjustable articulator direct scan, all-in-one scan, interdental scan, and impression scan.


  • Scans models, articulated models, and impressions quickly and easily
  • Powerful ScanApp software processes data quickly and has no annual fee
  • Dual 1.3 megapixel cameras provide crisp, detailed data
  • Includes dual base plates, multi-die plate, calibration plate, gum plates, screw jig plate and articulator mount plate


  • Motion method – model swing method
  • Axis – 2 axis
  • Light source – White light LED
  • Light technology – Structured light
  • Camera resolution – 1.3MP (2 cameras)
  • Software – Open type (STL compatibility)
  • Accuracy - 10 µm
  • Power – 110-240V, 50-60 Hz

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