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DOF Freedom UHD Scanner

DOF Freedom UHD Scanner
DOF Freedom UHD Scanner
DOF Freedom UHD Scanner
DOF Freedom UHD Scanner

Top-of-the-Line Quality

Identical at a glance to the popular Freedom HD scanner, the DOF Freedom UHD 3D scanner exhibits industry-leading dual 5.0MP ultra-high definition cameras for the clearest, sharpest lines. The Freedom UHD develops accurate, ultra-high definition results within minutes, delivering detailed CAD-ready data for flawless restorations and prosthetics. Features such as all-in-one scanning, full-sized articulator compatibility, and Stable Scan Stage technology contribute to a level of accuracy, versatility and detail that is incomparable.

Comprehensive Scanning

With a simple design and progressive technology, the Freedom UHD is a modern marvel for dental labs and clinics that need to create restorations at the highest level of detail, quality, and precision. The DOF Freedom UHD scanner collects vital three-dimensional data with maximum resolution, leaving virtually no room for error. Patented Stable Scan Stage technology enables a rotating scan plate to be captured by dual cameras without rearranging or manual interference, reducing the risk of a faulty reading by human error. Reliable and efficient, the Freedom UHD transforms workflow with advanced and dependable technology.

Comprehensive Scanning

Ultra-High Definition

Compared to the high-definition 2.0MP on the Freedom HD scanner, dual 5.0MP ultra-high definition resolution cameras at the heart of the Freedom UHD capture 2.5 times more scanning information; rendering models, impressions and dies in stunning, immaculate detail. With premium optics, camera quality and capabilities, the Freedom UHD produces some of the most remarkably clear and thorough images in the industry.

All-in-One Scanning

The dramatic impact of DOF’s all-in-one dental scanner has accelerated the scanning process by 50%, saving valuable lab time and contributing to an enhanced, repeatable workflow. DOF’s all-in-one scanning plate is equipped to scan up to 2 quadrants and 3 dies, while DOF’s multi-die plate can accommodate up to 7 dies at once. The dynamic synergy between efficient processing and ultra-high definition resolution develops distinctly sharp images with unmistakable details, resulting in definitive data for any indication.

Impression Scanning

Manually pouring models is error-prone, time-consuming, and messy. By digitally scanning analog impressions, accuracy is improved, consistent, and removes the risk of up to 75 microns of possible error in poured stone models. The Freedom UHD dental scanner for impressions and gypsum models uses powerful ultra-high definition cameras to meticulously capture intricate details and restore the digital negative through DOF’s advanced ScanApp software. Virtual models are generated within minutes, hastening workflow and producing pristine CAD-ready results.

Impression Scanning

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