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Intuitive, Compact, and Ready To Go

The unique and compact DOF Swing Scanner is the perfect addition to a lab or clinic seeking an easy way to implement 3D dental scanning into their workflow and expand their capabilities. An open, L-shaped design allows for a quick and simple scan of any model, impression, or articulated model.

Accuracy, Every Time

Ideal for the average dental laboratory caseload, the DOF Swing Scanner allows for fast digital scans of fully articulated gypsum stone models to capture an accurate bite scan so you can create the perfect restoration. Featuring an additional function that scans hand drawn pencil marks, Swing accounts for every detail to maintain complete precision. With dual 1.3 megapixel cameras, fast processing capabilities, and a compact design, the DOF Swing Scanner will quickly become your go-to for all general cases.

Thoughtfully Designed

Articulator Direct technology intuitively scans occlusal relationships from fully articulated models on a rotating plate. With a design unique to the dental 3D scanner industry, an open-concept layout makes it easy to place in any articulator or model without using adhesives or fixtures.

Ideal for Impression Scanning

Optimized for impression scanning, Swing is the perfect dental 3D scanner for silicone and alginate impressions. Progressive scanning technology enables a fully comprehensive scan of minute details to generate precise and positive results, completely eliminating the messy, manual method of pouring models.

Built for Efficiency

Increase efficiency by scanning up to 7 dies on the multi-die plate, an easy-to-use accessory that allows complex model scans without requiring additional adhesives or fixtures. By consolidating multiple steps into one digital scan, the DOF Swing Scanner can maximize productivity and create a seamless workflow.

Multi-Die Plate for DOF Swing Scanner

Tech Specs

  • Moving method – model swing method
  • Axis – 2 axis
  • Light source – White light LED
  • Light technology – Structured light
  • Camera resolution – 1.3MP (2 cameras)
  • Software – Open type (STL compatibility)
  • Accuracy - 10 µm
  • Dimensions - (W x H x D) 330 x 330 x330mm
  • Weight – 14kg
  • Power – 110-240V, 50-60 Hz

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